Reportagem: Primavera Sound 2014 – Dia Final

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  1. He is a messiah of hate and I can't imagine anyone voting for him after all he has done and hasn't done.I know I certainly won't be voting for him. No clue as it which Republican candidate I'll vote for. Most likely whichever candidate shares my view on things such as Israel and taxes but whose supporters aren't so fanatical. What I mean is the person's supporters don't become so protective that they consider any criticism a form of treason against the party and country.But yes, I'll vote for the Republican I tend to agree with and who is most even tempered.

  2. Dorothy diz:

    And your separation of "will to power" and etrcnneothism isn't at all something I take for granted. I think it's more likely they're roughly the same thing.

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